Former PM Gyurcsány’s hearing at the Central Prosecutor’s Office

Mr. Chief Prosecutor, honorable members of the Prosecution!
Please allow me to say in advance that it is my deep conviction that you have violated the laws of your profession. When you swore an oath on the Constitution of the Republic, you said that you would serve impartially. What you are doing constitutes a breach of these principles because you are not committed to defending the Constitution but to serving the interests of the prime minister and his party. You should feel deeply ashamed about this. If you think that the political support and background will exempt you from being held accountable, then, I believe, you are wrong. As far as my case is concerned, your allegations are deeply flawed and unsubstantiated. They originate from a political order, which the ruling party has been constructing for years, and for the successful execution of which you have been designated. Everyone has a price, and your price was taking part in this disgraceful proceeding. I served my country lawfully and acted how a prime minister should act. Had I acted contrary to my convictions and beliefs, then I really would have broken the law. If the government of the prime minister advises him that an investment is both legal and expedient, then, I believe, it is the duty of the prime minister to throw his weight behind the project and endorse it wholeheartedly. I acted accordingly and I am proud of it. Regarding the nature of the hearing, I do not wish to answer any of your questions. Should you decide to press charges against me, I will prove before the court that you are the willing participants of a dishonorable proceeding.

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