Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the state of Israel and the Jewish people, finally got the official recognition which was overdue for decades. Jerusalem, a city, which kept Jews together around the world and in Palestine,because it has such a mythical power. For centuries, Jews scattered around the world, have been living in the hope that they could, someday, return to their capital and pray at the Western Wall, a remnant of the Second Jewish Temple, erected by Herod the Great. Now, thanks to the only superpower of the world, Jerusalem will be officially recognised as the capital of Israel. The reactions, as were to be expected, were fierce and filled with hatred, not only towards Donald Trump, but also towards the Jews of Israel and the Jews of the diaspora. Hamas, which has always wanted to eradicate Israel, now found a reason to launch the fouth intifada. The European Union, as again was to be expected, did not support Trump, did not speak out against the blatant double standards when East Jerusalem was recognised as the capital of Palestine by the Arab League, did not speak out against the anti-Semitism practiced every day by the United Nations and once again, they showed enmity towards Israel at worst and cowardice at best. This stance is certainly not suprising, since the European Union, due to its migrational policies and its considerable muslim minorities, cannot openly support Israel, or, as a consequence, they would have to worry about the eruption of violence in most major Western European cities. Brussels seems to have forgotten, that the European Union was built on the hope, that never again should a war occur, never again should a people fear for their existence in the heartlands of the continent. The sad reality is that never since WWII have so many Jews left Western Europe for Israel, because they fear for their lives. After seventy years, the persecution of the Jewish people is once again a sad reality, which is the result of the ever increasing Muslim minorities across the continent. No, it is not the result of Israel's policies across the Middle East. It is the result of the same old muslim anti-Semitism which is fuelled by Islam. It is fuelled by Hamas, whose Charter openly calls for the destruction of Israel. If the European Union still thinks that it is a force for good, then they should not be so taken up with punishing Poland and Hungary, but, rather, they should look around in Sweden, France, Belgium and Germany and ask themselves the question: How could the European Continent have sunken so low, as to allow once again, the mass exodus of Jews? How is it possible that in Hungary, Jobbik, a classical anti-Semitic party, and whose leader, Gábor Vona said two times that if here were Jewish he would resign, is now seen as mainstream party, courted by the leftist intelligentisa? This continent will never be tolerant and the EU can never claim solidarity until Jews cannot wear the Kippas on the streets without having to fear for their lives and security. Anything less, is not acceptable..Until then, lets rejoice that a major power had the courage to make this step, and lets despair, that it was not the European Union.
Laszlo Tarsi; 21 December 2017.