EU and Orbán: Two good friends - Guest Post

The decision of the European Court of Justice, according to which Hungary should accomodate more than one thousand refugees is at the same time appaling and ridiculous.

Appalling, because there is not one reference to this in the contract, which the Hungarian government signed when we joined the European Union. It is also appalling, because the leaders of the EU said (or lied) that the accomodation of refugees is not compulsory. That is what several politicians of the Hungarian oppositional parties told (lied) us. It is appalling, because when the issue is about the refugees or migrants, Hungary is not allowed to make its own decision, but when a fellow EU member state is shutting down a Hungarian school, the prominent EU politician lie low. Not a word of condemnation. The decision is also appalling, because there is only one country that complied with their promise, Malta. It is absolutely clear that Brussel's plan to force Hungary and other countries to accomodate migrants and refugees is useless. The decision is also tragic, because Brussels is currently the biggest force behind the disintegration of the European Union. They talk the talk, but do not walk the walk. They talk about solidarity, but they turned a blind eye on Italy when they have been asking for help for years. They turned a blind eye on small nations, like Macedonia or Hungary, who paid for the border defence. They turned a blind eye when the United Kingdom told them, they would leave if there is no serious discussion about how the EU is run. The result is known. Brussels is more like Orban: Both are corrupt, dictatorial , both are interpreting the law as it suits them best. With this decision, Brussels made sure that Orban is here to stay. The Hungarian opposition , if they have left any humility in them, will have to include in their campaign the welcoming of the refugees. They will not, and the people know it.

Laszlo Tarsi; September 13. 2017.