Gréczy's blog: Many for Hungary

greczy  Some may want to do so, but DK will not write off its plans to win 2018 elections and to have a desperately needed co-operation with other opposition political powers. DK is not bothered with the jealousy. It is not bothered either that regarding Gyurcsány's pamphlet some only have a comment on the author. They ask why the former prime minister wrote that. We have no choice, we have to go ahead.
It seems the pamphlet is impressive. Even the sceptics admit it that it is an important summary and contains many progressive thoughts. It is difficult the react on it. It is awkward to agree with the pamphlet, while it is a cliché to disagree with it. I was cheerful when I read an unnamed MSZP politician's comment saying 'it is an axiom that the side where Ferenc Gyurcsány is active is not able to win the elections'.It is like the unnamed politician did not know that his side was only able to win the elections last time when it was led by Gyrucsány. 2010 and 2014 are more blurred. So the 'axiom' is just simply false. Its opposite is rahter true. His role is proven, it can be won with him and not without him.
Együtt also challenged the pamphlet and also anonymously. According to Együtt the pamphlet's problematic point is its author.
I don't know who is happy and who is not happy with it, but DK is not going to stop. Two hundred experts work on DK's electional programme. This will be passed by the congress next February. We don't ask for external approval. We are not going to be crazy, even some will distance himself from DK. Present electional law forces the co-operation.To sum up, the provocation is pointless, as we are not going to mess with anyone.