It is good to give - DK helps - Gréczy's blog

greczy   Everyone deals with the refugee issue; sometimes a government scandal comes up, another time András Schiffer (LMP) feels that they need to be more Fidesz than Fidesz and speaks about traitors, although the news could be focusing on other things as well. The Democratic Coalition (DK) is currently undertaking tasks that the government should be doing. It provides food to hungry kids and organizes summer camps for them with sport programs. No giant billboards were made for 600 million forints, no news programs report about it every five minutes, but it still happens.

The funds to support these initiatives are received from local entrepreneurs or are provided from DK membership fees. Some DK municipal assembly members also donated one month salary.
No thanks are expected because we are doing our duty. However, it is worth mentioning that such things also happen in the summer of 2015, in Hungary, a country of hatred.
Many people ask nowadays, where is the left, where is social sensitivity? That there are only words and nothing happens. However, in reality, something does happen.
And we go on with that in the autumn. In a country of four million poor, helpfulness and social solidarity cannot be absent.
Author: Zsolt Gréczy