The self-destruction of the Hungarian Left

For many years now, the issue of immigration to Europe from third world countries posed a huge problem to the European Union. Shamefully, and uniquely, the European Union is the only Western place in the world which has been unable to handle the crisis. The paper-pushers of Brussels organise a summit now and then, when it seems that the situation is getting out of hand, but after that, there is nothing. The Eurocrats , apart from issuing useless quotas, and which are rejected by the European population, don't have the foggiest idea about what should be done. This appalling dilettantism, it seems, is very much liked by the Hungarian Left, that has so much discredited itself with the issue of immigration that it may just have delivered Mr Orbán his next four years in office. You don't have to possess the political vision in order to see that the pressure caused by illegal migration will cause huge problems and may endanger the existence of the EU itself. However, Ms Kunhalmi, Mr Tóbiás and Mr Botka, all three of them members of the moribund socialist party, do lack all kinds of vision. Mr Botka and Mr Tóbiás accused Mr Orbán that the prime minister himself created the problem of immigration to divert attention from his policies. As the two Socialists politicians were accusing Mr Orbán, migrants at the border with Serbia refused to allow the police to have them registered. A week later, migrants in Debrecen wreaked havoc over a religious conflict from within the refugee camp, which then spread to the streets, ending in atrocities against the locals. It is clear that, both Mr Botka and Mr Tóbiás was aware of the scale of the problem, they just tried to use it to suck up to the liberal establishment in Brussels, which are as clueless as their Hungarian counterparts. Seeing the ever growing pressure and the uselessness of Brussels, the Hungarian government decided to construct a wall to try to stem the tide of the migrants. The wall has come under fire from the Hungarian Left. It may not be the best solution, but this is what the Spanish, the British, the Bulgarians and the Greeks did at their respective borders. The fact alone that EU members are obliged to construct walls proves only the absolute dilettantism of the European Union. The Left has also accused Mr Orbán with deliberately calling refugees illegals. The truth is that in order to establish who is a real refugee and who isn't, there has to be a working border police controlled by the Hungarian authorities. If it were up Ms Kunhalmi and her friends, anyone could gain entrance to the territory of the EU, without the chance of verifying if a given person was really entitled to the refugee status. According to György Nógrádi, the best known security analyst in Hungary, who spent time in Serbia to observe the crisis, the migrants come in an organized way, they know when and where to cross the border. They use their smart phones to pass information to their friends. It is clear that the migrants are very well versed in evading the authorities, they know their rights and they know what to say if apprehended. This information was given to them by human traffickers who earn themselves sick at the expense of the locals. The Hungarian Left, when it is accusing the government of hate campaign, should know that what they are doing is encouraging organized crime by supporting human traffic. Many people do not like the present government, the corruption and the increasing poverty. However, the opposition, by lying into the face of their voters, will only contribute to our suffering by giving an additional four years to the prime minister.
László Társi