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Can We Call Them to Account? -Gréczy’s blog

greczy    This is one of the most important questions of the post-Orbán world. These days, however, many might dismiss it by saying 'come on, just look how far we are from this'. Even so, the question is unavoidable.

By the way, I do not think that we are far from it. The second term usually strongly erodes public support – see also the case of MSZP (the Socialists - editor) and SZDSZ (former liberal party - editor) –; thus we can make up for our current shortfall by a decent and sufficiently confrontational campaign and programme.
Upon acceding to power, one of the main issues that democrats will have to deal with will be the issue of how to call them to account (analysing far-right Jobbik will be another story). Of course, several 'market-calming' diplomatic and economic measures will be needed. Some decisions that can be taken quickly and are likely to increase popularity – such as the reopening of shops on Sundays – might also be of help, but in case of a new majority emerges, the question of liability remains and it also becomes legitimate.
Could all of them just walk away with the stolen goods because we did not dare to make a revolution? Will Orbán, Rogán, Szijjártó, Matolcsy, the local kinglets as well as the straw men and their principals really be able to get away with everything? Should the hundreds of billions [of Forints] – gotten as a result of decisions which, at the very least, are contrary to good taste – really be lost to them? Will we really never get to know who and why were banned from travelling to the US?
What can be the obstacles to calling them to account? The fact that Péter Polt was appointed forever? That there will be no one to investigate and to indict them? If not even Orbán & co. could manage to convict anyone, not even in a single case – even the 'Nokia box' case was a lie –, would a new majority (which will have to face the growling Right that is even capable of rioting in the streets) be able to do it against them?
However, as a matter of fact, calling them to account is a question of legitimacy. What were the numerous charges filed, the protests, actions and all the grumbling good for if, in power, we do not act in the same way as in opposition?
Medgyessy's reaction to the blocking of a bridge and to the demand to recount votes was a hundred-day spending spree (twice actually), whereas Orbán – after the second defeat – made the city burn with the PM that had defeated him in town.
Notwithstanding this, calling them to account will be necessary. If democrats considered stealing and corruption to be sins whilst in opposition, then in power, 'clean-handedness' will be an imperative that will oblige not only them. Democrats will also owe to their voters to conduct (until completion) the proceedings that they had demanded before.
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Zsolt Gréczy, spokesperson of the opposition Democratic Coalition party



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