Immigration and the Hungarian Left

In the past few weeks and for the next few weeks, the most important political issue has been and will be the question of immigration. Until very recently, Hungary was a country that didn't know what it was like to have this problem. Now, just as in Western Europe, the political life is focusing on how to look for the best solution to stem the tide of the immigrants. The EU certainly doesn't look as though they were in control since Italy, which receives the biggest portion of the migrants, called on Brussels to not just sit with arms crossed, but do something to ease the tensions. This has not happened so far and the result is that more and more countries will take unilateral decisions in the face of an incompetent Union. We know what is happening in Calais on a daily basis, we saw how the French police turned back the migrants at Ventimiglia and we know that more and more politicians think of getting rid of the Schengen borders. In Hungary, the ruling Fidesz decided to close to southern border of the EU by building a fence and with this step, incurring the wrath of the liberals and other left of centre parties, such as the main leftist opposition MSZP. Members of the socialist party have even gone as far as making such ludicrous statements that the " problem of immigration was created by Fidesz to divert the attention from its political scandals". This one utterly ridiculous statement should be enough to discount MSZP as a serious party, but , as it seems, anything goes when it come to political expediency. György Nógrádi, one of the best known security experts in Hungary, said that when it comes to choosing between moral and politics, a political party will always choose politics. That statement is true, not just for Hungary, but for the entire world. No matter how much people would like to help these people, accomodating immigrants in such numbers is impossible without creating social tensions. So when the Hungarian Left is voicing its concern about the rise of Jobbik, it should have a look how matters look in the refugee camp in Debrecen. When they say that there is no pressure at the southern border, they should go and have a chat with people from Magyarkanizsa in Serbia. They should ask the Bavarian government why they consider bringing back the regular vigilance at their border. Unfortunately, they won't do that. Attacking Fidesz for everything they do, let alone when it is clear that their policy on immigration is very much like that of Western Europe, is morally wrong, and utterly stupid. Because denying that there is no immigrant problem and telling people that the whole issue was invented by Mr Orbán, is either pure ignorance or a big lie, both of which should be enough to disqualify people from taking part in politics.