My Thanksgiving to Viktor Orbán

greczy  The Commanding General turns 52 today. I cannot celebrate a mass, but I can thank him in writing as well for having ruined his country. No one since Szálasi and Rákosi [two Hungarian dictators of the 20th century - ed.] has ever caused so much suffering to the Hungarian people.

Four million poor people are struggling to secure their daily food, and over a million more are struggling to pay their overhead costs, collecting – and juggling with – outstanding yellow cheques as their new hobby. Half a million Hungarians already left for the West because of him. However, at least his cronies, relatives, friends and the ruling party's direct employees – in other words, his tribe – made a fortune.
He made to steal trillions of HUF in public money and ruined our international relations. The 'birthday boy' killed democratic institutions and instilled fear in the hearts. He created a tax system that made the poor poorer and the rich even richer. At our expense, he made himself an own TV channel, a radio station and a newspaper. He tossed invalids into the ditch. He occupied culture. He made an enemy from banks, foreigners, from miserable refugees, the homeless, those not living in a family as well as from gays, Jews and the Roma.
He had built stadia for teams which had been demoted to the NB III (Nemzeti Bajnokság III, National Championship III - is the third tier of Hungarian football – ed.), while hospitals are crumbling. Patients are operating themselves and teachers are teaching lies, while money is lacking even for sheets of A/4 paper and chalk. Public debt is reaching new highs as the Forint is hitting new lows. Hungarian Government bonds are rated junk, and we have fallen behind neighbouring nations while the economy is stagnating. A quarter of a million public workers only receive a pittance.
Let me too say a Lord's Prayer so that we get rid of him as soon as possible.
As a matter of fact, prayers will not do. You, dear Reader, you too must do something. The minimum is that you go vote against him. I leave the rest to your imagination.
Source: Zsolt Gréczy;May 31. 2015;