Free water and silliness

greczy    I see many were surprised by the speech of former PM Gyurcsány on 1st May 2015. People expected him to hold a speech berating Orbán as usual. Socialist leader József Tóbiás and even LMP talked about social problems, too. The main point of Gyurcsány's speech was to provide free water and free electricity for the poorest in an amount that is necessary to light, to drink and to have a bath. The costs would be paid by people who fill and warm up their swimming pools. Additionally, work that has been performed must be paid and in the next five years the minimum wage should reach the subsistence wage. It means that everybody who is working should be able to afford to eat and to pay their bills. Is this populism? Isn't it the essence of the political left? I am looking forward to this debate. At last the democratic opposition has a real initiative instead of the permanent fear of Jobbik and of how big a thief and traitor Orbán is. The political left should wake up and see that without the real representation of the poor the left wing wouldn't exist and a change of government could never be achieved. The discussion about left wing policy and a social Hungary appears to have been opened on 1st May.