A Farewell to Viktor Orbán

greczy   I do not think that he will fail because of Lajos Simicska's diatribes. Instead, it started with the two-thirds majority brought about by election fraud – to be more precise, this is how things speeded up. Orbán falsified reality.
The nation might have had entrusted him with forming a government once again – here, I wish not to go at length about the problems of the opposition –, but the Hungarian people did not want four more years of autocracy, and especially not the institutionalisation of robbery. Furthermore, if Fidesz-controlled news programmes (disguised as public media) had provided nothing but objective service, many things could have gone different.
The biggest problem of Orbán – apart from his behaviour, which seems to be increasingly perplexed – is his total burnout. He is the old-timer of Hungarian politics, a person who never did anything except politics – besides him, there are such (or similar) people only in the ruling Fidesz party or from its environs: Kövér, Áder, Szájer, Deutsch, Fodor & co. Everyone else either arrived later, or at the same time, but have since retired, effaced themselves, or have been forced to the fringes.
The Leader, who has a great deal of sophistication in the techniques of power, has lost all kinds of control. He knows that no criminal trials will be held against him – friends, pals and already bribed people are everywhere. As regards the others, their dossiers are lying in wait, hence the power of threats. And what Simicska is talking about is, in fact, dictatorship, and it tells everything about Orbán's regime. The one-time dorm roommate, who was the former treasurer of Fidesz, is now saying that he might get killed by a car.
Since they know each other, Simicska must know what he is saying.
Even though Orbán's regime is completely rotten, he could still care about things or could have ideas. But he cares more about the Golden Ball gala than about poverty or the emigration of doctors. He belies national sentiments, and he belies the Hungarian interest. He is only interested in power and money. A burnout man has no ideas. And now, he can no longer blame his bad decisions on anything. There is no 'past-eight-years', no worldwide crisis, still, he will bequeath only ruins to posterity. His name is being cursed in education, health care and in the world of work. He is scolded by youngsters, entrepreneurs, the have-nots and public workers. There is no one anymore who would tell him that what he is doing is bad. The people around him either treat him like a demigod (treasuring his Coke can as a fetish), or are terrified to speak out. Just do not tell me that "but a great mass of people is standing behind him": others also had great masses standing behind them – both before and after 1989. Masses come and go. And the height up to where Orbán struggled himself up by means of political talent, intrigues, villainy and unclean monies, this is the place from whence one might fall big time.
If he launched any kind of structural reform, all of his earlier statements could be turned against him. That is also why he does not make any moves, but instead he is running TV ads telling lies. He has stupid ideas on stickers, Internet tax..., while he is talking rubbish about plebeian politics at the same time as he is drowning in corruption. He is making up unimportant, marginal stories, not to mention that even those stories are unpopular.
The confinement remains; it is an increasingly narrower tunnel. If you take a step back, you might even find this hopeless drifting funny. However, there is unfortunately the danger that the cornered man will do anything. This time, it was his former friend that said plainly what he thought about him [Orbán]. Not that this friend would be any better than him, but the stab went deep indeed, and gave birth to an epic attribute. It will be a painful farewell, and especially for the country. We will have to rebuild everything from very great depths.