Editorial: Europe Must Defend Itself From Itself

europemust1   The recent days have shown that civilization and humanity can go backwards. It has shown that the values that we fought two bloody wars for, can be slowly turned back and eradicated. It has shown that even in the European Union, which likes to think of itself as the beacon of democracy and freedom, people die for values which we thought we would never have to die for again. The massacre of an entire crew of a satirical weekly made clear many things. Firstly, that you can die for just expressing your opinion. Secondly, that a lot of people do agree that Charlie Hebdo went too far, and, for this reason, we should capitulate to the dark forces of religious fundamentalim and change our policy on free speech.

Thirdly, that unrestrained immigration, failure to adapt to the Western life, non-existent border policy and political correctness will kill more people unless the leaders of the European Union themselves choose to do something about it. Because, make no mistake about it, unless we put an end to the endless religious intimitadion and bullying, we have only ourselves to blame, and the dream of a nations of Europe will crumble in no time. The European Union has to make a stand if it does not want another Paris, London or Madrid. It has to call a spade a spade and say it clearly and unequivocally that the problem lies with Islamic fundamentalism. No matter if it is called Hamas, Isis, Islamic Jihad or Al-Qaida, it is here, and it is ready to wreak havoc on the values of liberty. The EU has to make clear that honour killings, forced marriages, travelling jihadists in and out of Europe and hate fuelled sermons from certain mosques, inciting hatred against jews, christians and everything that the West stands for, is not acceptable. That letting thousands of jews fleeing from France, burning synagogues, targeting kosher shops and creating the biggest atmosphere of anti-semitism since WWII because the French state is mot able to defend them, is not acceptable. Unless the West takes a stand and puts an end to the culture of victimisation, we should not marvel at mindset of certain people and certain newspapers who think that blaming the victims is the way forward. It was a shocking experience to see on the facebook pages of the Hungarian daily, Magyar Nemzet, or reading the leading article of the conservative weekly, Heti Válasz, what many Hungarians think of the concept of freedom. In their opinion, Charlie Hebdo went too far, and the criticism of any kind of religion should be off the topic. I probably shouldn't be that surprised about this, knowing that the prime minister himself is not a great advocate of free speech and a self-confessed enemy of liberal democracy, or that a self-proclaimed christian party, the Christian Democrats, led by Zsolt Semjén, managed to rubberstamp a legislation, which will make sure that Sunday will be a day for religious reflection, never mind the thousands of people who will lose their job as a result of Mr Semjén's piety. As longs as ignorance prevails, as long as we accept that Gábor Vona, the leader of Jobbik, says that the only hope for Europe is Islam, as long as we accept that religion is special and immune from any kind of criticism, we will slowly demolish what we have built so far. It is all good and well that , for a while, we are „tous Charlie". The question is if Europe wants to be forever „Charlie" or will it be brave enough like the journalists who died, and whom it proclaims to defend? Or will it give in to the religious intimidation? If they they will, I can only answer their slow path to self-destruction with a quote from Benjamin Franklin: „They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety".
Laszlo Társi; FreeHungary; January 11. 2015.