Gréczy’s Blog: Then Let It Be 2016

greczy   When – after three trying campaigns – almost two thousand people get together on a cold Sunday morning in November for a political party's congress, it cheers up the spirits.
Looking around from the bench, and greeting DK's members and sympathisers that got together, small Hungarian and EU flags were waiving in the room. This is how a proud but discontent party held its 4th congress.
The reason for that pride is that the party, which was deemed by some a year ago only as a sect with 1% popular support, now sits in the Hungarian Parliament, in the European Parliament, in the Budapest City Council, in eighty per cent of Budapest's district municipalities and of the county councils, as well as in all but one municipalities of the county seats. The party that became a ten-percent-strong party in only three years will fight even harder from now on for the downfall of Orbán.
Ferenc Gyurcsány summarised DK's claims in 10 points:
1. There is a need for a bloodless regime change and a change in government!
2. By 2016, early elections must be held!
3. A western orientation instead of opening to the east and playing both ends!
4. The Fidesz-regime and its corrupt figures and oligarchs must be called to account!
5. Free establishment of churches once again!
6. A fair judiciary, prosecution and media, which shall be free from political pressure!
7. Free civil society!
8. An independent anti-corruption committee for calling politicians to account!
9. A new Constitution with more democratic rights and more possibilities for holding popular votes!
10. A new social and economic contract for decreasing poverty, and with the involvement of political parties, trade unions and the [professional] Chambers!
This is where we should start from. However, we simply cannot return anymore to the regime change of 1989, which seems to be a historic and wonderful event even today. So refastening a button will not do it, but a new coat is needed; a new coat which is even warmer, safer and easier to button up.
Although we at DK support the civilian protests, DK does not support anarchy and the rejection of political parties. There is no democracy without freedom, but there is no democracy without parties either.
The Democratic Coalition believes that all demonstrations (even if their messages might be divergent) share the same political will: the sinful and nation-destroying Viktor Orbán and his mafia government must go away as soon as possible. This country will simply not survive four more years of what we had in the previous four. So let us act now!

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