Why was it exactly written by Gyurcsány?

greczy  Who else could have written it? I read opinions that the head of Democratic Coalition (DK) Gyurcsány was not the suitable person to write down his opinion on the country, the opposition, our common future tasks and the future itself. Does he have the credibility? What about the credibility of the others who question Gyurcsány?
Let me give you some points about why Gyurcsány wrote his essay.
1. He was the last active politician to beat Orbán.
2. When he resigned as PM and as head of the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) the socialists still had 1.5 million supporters. Since then the socialists have lost a significant number of supporters.
3. He didn't leave MSZP, but he was fired. He stood up for reconstructing the party starting with a party vote which was valid and effective. But it was pronounced invalid and ineffective because 30 thousand party members were reported but reality had nothing to do with that number.
4. According to the IMF Gyurcsány handed over the government starting successful crisis management.
5. No one from the opposition ever questioned that during the time of Gyurcsány's government Hungary was free and democratic and respected by the world.
6. Parties created after 2009 are less popular than DK (at the 2014 European parliamentary elections E14-PM and LMP got less votes than Gyurcsány's DK not to mention the Liberals whose popularity couldn't be measured).
7. DK takes part in many different democratic opposition party alliances across the country.
8. Gyurcsány is entitled to spread his opinion because he is still on the stage. The former two party leaders Bajnai (E14-PM) and Mesterházy (MSZP) aren't party heads anymore.
9. Let's talk about what Gyurcsány wrote exactly in his essay. He spoke out against Orbán's system. Is he right? Yes, he is. He stood up for unity. Is he right? Yes he is, because Fidesz is democratically unbeatable without unity.
At the same time it's positive that a debate was started about the essay. It would be great if the debate would supply the content of it.
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