Editorial -The Middle East Conflict: the double standards of the anti -Israeli left and right

It didn't come as a surprise. We knew that the next stage in the never ending conflict between Israel and Palestine, or rather, Israel and the Muslim world, would sooner or later rear its ugly head again. The arguments, for and against, have not changed either. The culprit is usually Israel, while the victim, due to the large number of civilians killed, is Palestine.

Palestine wins because they win the sympathy of the world. Israel is frowned upon and vilified because it is rich and it has one of the best armies in the world, which helps them to reduce the fatalities on their side. The detractors of Israel accuse the Jewish state of carrying out genocide. When confronted with the question of the rockets, which Hamas is showering Israel with, the answers are usually appalling and cynical: "Those rockets do not cause any harm, because they are rudimentary". The reason that those rockets don't kill more civilians is the result of Israel's modern anti-missile system. Hamas would gladly kill as many Jews as they could, as evidenced by their constitution and their constant endeavour to smuggle a suicide bomber into a crowded bus or restaurant to wreak maximum havoc. The detractors of Israel accuse the Jewish state of acting in defiance of the international law. Pro-Palestinian commentators never miss a chance of pointing this out. Strangely enough, they don't think that it is against the international law to store missiles and rocket launch pads near schools and hospitals and to shoot rockets into another country. Their aim is very simple and sinister: wallowing in the role of victims by exposing and sacrificing their own people, so that they can shout to the world their pain. Never mind that in neighbouring Arab countries the bloodletting between Sunnis and Shia, between Arabs and Arabs is a daily occurrence. If an Arab kills an Arab which happens every day in Syria, Libya and Iraq, it is not a problem, it is not worthy of the attention of the world. However, if an Israeli, a Jew kills an Arab, you can be sure that it will be a major event throughout the world and you can expect the wrath of Hamas and the wider Arab world. If an Israeli kills a Palestinian child, the international press condemns the Jewish State, calling them child murderers. Never mind, that the very same parents are proud when their child becomes a martyr, killing dozens or more civilians. The parental love seems to vanish and they proudly proclaim that their child only followed the will of Allah. The proclivity of Palestinians to prefer martyrdom and death over life comes from their constitution. The constitution of Hamas itself states that their ultimate goal is the destruction of Israel. Their hatred does not come from simple political issues. Their hate comes from their deepest conviction. This is why Islamic countries are united when it comes to the condemnation of the "Zionist State". This is why an Indonesian, who does not have any links to Palestine, except for the common religion, shouts the same abuse as a Moroccan, Algerian or a Pakistani. Israel is a common enemy in their eyes, and anything that Israel does is against Islam. This explains why a Danish cartoon caused deadly demonstrations throughout the Muslim world. This explains why the decision of France to ban the full-length burqa is a controversial issue throughout the Muslim world.
The current war in the Middle East shows how European countries think of Israel. The results are devastating. If you take the time and read through the comments of established newspapers, you would think that we are still living in the 1930s. "Jewish murderers, Evil Jewish creed, Hitler did not do a proper job" are just some of the opinions of the readership which can be found on the facebook pages of the Hungarian pro-government right wing daily Magyar Nemzet and the right-wing news channel Hír TV and Echo TV. People invariably associate the policies of Israel with the "Evil Jew" of the 1930s. Conspiracy theories like the shooting of the Malaysian Airlines by Israel to divert attention from Gaza are not even surprising. Never mind that, even in Israel, there are plenty of intellectuals who do not like the current policies of the Israeli right, and who support the two-state solution. The fact that Israel is once again victim of vilification and anti -Semitism is cruelly brought home by the events in France. People on the left usually accuse Israel with tarring everyone with the same brush, making no difference between anti-Semitism and the policies of Israel. This accusation sounds ridiculous and cruel knowing what happened to Ilan Halimi, to the victims of the Jewish school in Toulouse, or recently at the pro-Palestinian demonstration in Paris, where the protesters chanted "death to Israel" and vandalised a nearby synagogue. Never mind that the French authorities banned the protest, probably because they knew that things would get out of control. And they were right. Not only did French citizens disobey the law, they even showered the police with stones. Inexplicably, the authorities gave in to pro-Palestinian demands to authorize another demonstration, which we can now assert with confidence that it is neither peaceful nor pro-Palestinian. It is pro-Hamas. It is absolutely shocking that a country which prides itself on its secularism and democracy, has failed consecutively to protect its Jewish citizens. Whether the liberal policy makers in Brussels like it or not, it has to be said: In the 21st century, 70 years after the Holocaust, it is officially unsafe to be a Jew in France.
We know how this war will end. Israel will stop short of eradicating Hamas because they do not want an even more fundamentalist organization in the neighbourhood, and they will back down in the face of international pressure. Hamas will be weakened for a while, but they will get all the support they need from Iran to get their acts together and prepare for the next war. The question is, will the international community learn or continues blindly to support Hamas, which was offered a truce supported by Egypt, EU, the US and Israel. Hamas had the chance to save its own people. They did not like the conditions. One of the conditions was a prisoner exchange. The fact that Hamas leaders show priority to their own fighters over their own population is not surprising. One has to be inherently wicked to allow such a thing to happen. Peace will only be possible when pro-Palestinian demonstrators will protest against the theft of aid money from the EU, US and the rich Golf States. When they realize that the money is not invested in schools, hospitals and other public services, but it is used to buy arms, smuggle weapons and enrich the members of Hamas. Peace will come when pro-Palestinian demonstrators will protest against Palestinians strapping their own children to make a human bomb out of them. Peace will come when pro-Palestinian demonstrators realize that the main enemy of the people of Gaza is not Israel, but their very own Hamas with their unhuman constitution. The position of the anti-Israeli left in Western Europe and the anti-Israeli right in Hungary is best summed up by Hillel Neuer, the Executive Director of UN Watch: "If in the past year you didn't CRY OUT when thousands of protesters were killed and injured by Turkey, Egypt and Libya, when more victims than ever were hanged by Iran, women and children in Afghanistan were bombed, whole communities were massacred in South Sudan, 1800 Palestinians were starved and murdered by Assad in Syria, hundreds in Pakistan were killed by jihadist terror attacks, 10,000 Iraqis were killed by terrorists, villagers were slaughtered in Nigeria, but you ONLY cry out for GAZA, then you are not pro HUMAN RIGHTS, you are only ANTI-ISRAEL." – We rest our case.

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FreeHungary; László Társi, July 23. 2014.