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E14-PM co-chair Karácsony and Miskolc mayoral candidate Pasztor say the same

greczy "Let's premise that in Hungary, especially in Miskolc and in a bunch of other places, life is hell, from the point of view that Gypsies and non-Gypsies cannot co-exist. This is a real conflict, a real issue. The question is which words and acts are we applying to change that?" - This is what Gergely Karácsony, a politician from the E14-PM party alliance said in an interview on ATV.

The question to me is not whether he says the truth or not. Because he says the truth. The problem is that Albert Pasztor had said the same, and because of that he became a pariah and - even if he runs as an independent candidate in Miskolc with the support of the three opposition parties (the Socialists, E14-PM and DK - the editor) - because of that a campaign has been launched against the Democratic Coalition (DK).
Karácsony added that the primary consideration for his party alliance's local unit is Pasztor's thirty years of service and because of that, they support him. On that point Karácsony says the same as DK. The difference is that according to Karácsony, Pasztor became a symbol and he (Karácsony) cannot support such a person and such an opinion as a politician. Even though he had repeated Pasztor's condemned words just a few minutes before.
All of this serves only as a proof that - in a bona fide reading - there is confusion in the public discourse, whereas, in a malicious reading, that the E14-PM party alliance is playing hanky-panky with the people.
It is so easy to ask now: What are those opinion leaders - from Gábor Horn, TGM to András Hont - who have been blaspheming DK and had already failed in politics going to do now? Will they call on Karácsony to leave public life? Will they attack E14-PM? Did we hear a racist speech from Gergely Karácsony or just an unpardonable misstatement?
The program coordinator of E14-PM, who was a vice chair of the Green-Left party earlier, had screwed DK's demonstration with a young man who labelled himself as a provocateur, allegedly because DK supports Albert Pasztor as a mayoral candidate in Miskolc. So now, E14-PM's program coordinator and the provocateur will screw E14-PM's next event? Should DK send a program coordinator there?
Obviously nothing will happen, because not only Pasztor is at stake, but to stop or to possibly break DK which is constantly gaining in popularity since the EP elections.
Anyway, Gergely Karácsony was right. And so was DK. We have to do something different than what we have been doing up until now. And it is a pure lie that Pásztor's local supporters - Gábor Simon Jr. from the Socialists, Judit Nagy-Korsa from E14-PM, Sándor Tompa from DK - or DK itself, which was specifically accused of doing so, are seeking to appease the racist vote. DK is seeking to find simple voters because it wants a change in government. In 2002 and 2006, the people of Miskolc voted for the Left. They were Democrats back then and did they suddenly become racists when they supported Fidesz and the far-right Jobbik party in 2010 and 2014? This is ridiculous. Most of them are simple voters who vote for this and that from time to time - and that's the case not only in Miskolc. If we never reach out to and talk to them, Orbán will stay here for another twenty years. Do we really want that? DK definitely does not. The others will decide what they want.

Zsolt Gréczy;



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