What is it that Hungarians want to have? - Gréczy's-blog

Fidesz was boorish again. I tried to find a better word for that but I could not. After yesterdays party conference of DK (Democratic Coalition), a communiqué was published by Fidesz, saying: "Hungarian people do not want the Gyurcsány era any more." They added that this had become clear in 2010 and 2014.
Nonsense, guys! What do you worry about? Orbán was not wanted by anybody either in 1990 or in 1994. It happened exactly twenty years ago that the chairman of Fidesz entered the election as an individual candidate in Székesfehérvár but he was beaten by the Socialist Zoltán Vancsik very badly.

Then the Orbán-Torgyán pact came with 82 smallholders who were withdrawn to bigger fame of the "civic government". Even though everything was perfect afterwards, still people did not want the Orbán era. Another four years passed and people did not want to have Orbán again. Exactly that man who, in their opinion, is not wanted by anyone, defeated him.

Then 2010 and afterwards 2014 came. A few things were necessary for the latter victory. Occupied "public media", Fidesz thefts stifled by a Fidesz MP candidate, party soldiers in all positions, intimidation, distorted election law, persecution of political opponents, and so on. If they have so much self-confidence, if they perform so well, then, they should have tried to win in a free and democratic election.

And what the country wants should be decided by the voters. Gyurcsány did not need to apply the above-mentioned disgraces to win from a governing position, but Orbán did.

De Gaulle or Churchill could tell long stories about how many times they were not wanted and still.

And what is the boorishness then? Approximately two hundred fifty thousand Hungarians voted for DK at the EP election. They are supposed to want a Gyurcsány era. If Fidesz says that Hungarian people, i.e. all Hungarians do not want to have that, they managed to outrage two hundred and fifty thousand Hungarians. As if they wanted to show them: they are not Hungarians at all.

Finally, just a warning: Fidesz began from 6% erstwhile... So, laugh today and cry tomorrow...