Mesterházy on the payroll of Fidesz?

The blundering which surrounded Unity (Összefogás) could not have been a coincidence, nor the pressing of Gordon Bajnai by both MSZP and Fidesz, intended to convince him to give up his own ambitions, nor Attila Mesterházy's suspiciously weak performance in opposition.

At the same time, MSZP's presidium was gleichschalted quite successfully (in a manner that recalls Viktor Orbán's practices); moreover, it also must not be a coincidence that the Socialists' campaign went into deep sleep mode from the very first day; furthermore, the – let's just say this – 'weightlessness' of M.'s own prime ministerial campaign also cannot be a coincidence, since at a time when taking actions would have been essential, M. went skiing, then he went on to visit the U.S., so at times – when so required – he is able to disappear even for a fortnight. One must be blind to not realise that M. did not really have the intention to win the elections.
Hungarian weekly Vasárnapi Hírek/VH ('Sunday News'/VH) – which is owned by excluded and starved 'old' Socialists – has leaked just recently that M. and Árpád 'Dr. Spin' Habony held regular meetings in the past few months in the restaurant of a Buda-based private club, and no one knows what they could have been talking about. It is certain, however, that they were not only occupied with eating wild boar ribs. VH claims to know that they were discussing a possible change in ownership of Hungarian daily Népszabadság/NSZ; one thing is sure, however: at about the same time, advertisements of government-friendly company Közgép started to appear in NSZ as well as in another Hungarian daily, Népszava, and the value of those ads is about HUF 300 million (meanwhile, comments that used to display public opinion disappeared from NSZ – but that is only my opinion). What is more, some people have the feeling that the Socialist media treated Tóni 'Pasa Park' Rogán in a more favourable manner than what he would have deserved (especially when taking into account that he had an affair just before the elections which hardly could have been explained away, an affair which could have jeopardised the two-thirds majority of Fidesz). Leftist media outlet Egyenlítő Blog, unwilling to pursue the case, decided to close down its operations rather than playing up with Rogán at the urgent request of Socialist leaders – a direct contradiction (in my humble opinion) to what had happened in the Gábor Simon affair, which after a time has been treated with a modicum of equity in leftist media outlets: i.e. it was treated in an unusually repentant manner for example in NSZ. In terms of voter outcome, it managed to deprive the Hungarian left of a number of percentage points.
Allegedly, MSZP is on the verge of bankruptcy (financially as well); therefore, it is in need of additional funds, which might even come from the Fidesz regime as a tribute to the good performance that MSZP (specifically M.) achieved in securing its own playing field and also in securing its demise, thereby effectively guaranteeing another landslide victory for Fidesz. In turn, we can be rest assured that the party's Chairman will be able to preserve its MLM network even on top of an MSZP defeated and ruined at the local government level as well (assuming that the whole of Hungary is an MLM network). Before that, however, the leftist intelligentsia, which must also be paid off, will convince Bajnai not to give up this time his ambitions to take his own course, which will be quite easy to do. Presumably, Gábor Fodor, who is also lacking funds, will also not receive any support anymore from Socialist circles since it is time for him to find his own half a million liberal supporters in Budapest, whereas Gyurcsány will also be allowed to continue with his quest to defy M. (or the whole Socialist Party) – thus, so to say, 'learning' from the electoral defeat of Kormányváltók ('Government Changers'), there will be no opposition alliance in Budapest in the autumn, since that is the only the way to lose Budapest, which is the next main aim of M. Namely, there is an even better place in the centralised power structure than the party list of Fidesz: the payroll of Fidesz. That is the very place where M. would like to feel well in total comfort. What is more, there is but one thing that he would never wish to happen: a Lord Mayor in Budapest coming from his own party and building up support against him (for this reason, I have the suspicion that in the end, a celebrity or a civilian will be nominated for candidate). Make no mistake: nowadays MSZP is within the centralised power structure, and in this structure, M. has a rather notable role: to maintain the status quo on the left, which benefits Fidesz as well.
Nothing else happened than what we have already reported a thousand times and at length: the political classes are unified when it comes to ruling over the people and also when it comes to diverting public funds. Now, what does it matter that citizens are crying over the fall of MSZP in the programmes of the good ole' Mr Bolgár? LOL. Putting it in a smart aleck way: panem et circenses! Do not even dream of a competitive pluralist democracy!
P.S. I have some bad news for those who used to remove cordons at Szabadság tér (Szabadság Square). It might actually be that re-building started in the interests of MSZP (and, of course, specifically in the interests of M.). The only purpose of that shall be just to prevent the itchy ones and the remaining press – frustrated by the election results – to lash out against M. on his doorstep, lest they start calling for a kind of a renewal of MSZP. (And this should be done, actually.) As regards Fidesz, it can tolerate a little bit of an awareness-raising before the imperial eagle takes off.