The jewish card

Divide and rule - a good old piece of advice which is usually true. Fidesz practices it studiously. With money, cunning, words, bribery and threats it operates the system.

The Hungarian jewish community was polarised once before - recalled historian Kovács M. Maria - when at the end of the 20's a part of the jewish community accepted the current government's position. And slowly those who disagreed were crushed, we know the end of the story.

A lot of jewish organisations are protesting against the occupational memorial to be set up at the Szabadság square, or against Sándor Szakály's uncouth comment, or against the fact that they were not informed about the House of Fates conception which would commemorate the child victims of the Holocaust.

As the government is usually accused of not stepping up against anti semitism (we are being subtle) it tries to prove the opposite with initiatives like the House of Fates. But if the jewish communities are protesting against such a project then the government's intention won't be credible.

For this reason János Lázár, minister of state heading the Prime Minister's Office called together a so called jewish community round table. And until this event they try to persuade as many potential participants as possible. They offer money, position and so forth. The aim is to create groups which support the government's position. And in the future these groups will embody the official representatives of the jewish community. That's all, this is not a big deal for the government's technicians.

Necessarily this plan needs some people to whom it is worth deserting.

Ceterum censeo: Orbán should leave.

Népszava; Dési János