Gyurcsány's road movie in Felcsút achieved a hundred thousand views in a few days

The video produced and uploaded to the internet by former socialist Prime Minister (PM) Ferenc Gyurcsány achieved several hundred thousand views in only a few days time.


The short video was made in the village of Felcsút, which is famous as the birth place of Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán. Gyurcsány's challenging visit was in the lime-light in the village. Head of the Democratic Coalition party (DK) Gyurcsány shared his video on Facebook on Saturday. Former PM Gyurcsány said in the video, that he visited the family in Felcsút: the family of the godfather Orbán. He said that he visited the native place of Orbán which is a kind of concentration of all vileness, scandals and incompatibility, that polluted and intoxicated the atmosphere in Hungary.