Do the Socialists want Gyurcsány to be back on board?

33848 mesterhazygyurcsanyAnalysing the conflict-ridden relationship between MSZP and its former leader it seems that the Socialists are not at all keen on having Gyurcsány back on board. The MSZP did offer cooperation to four small parties, including DK while wrangling with Bajnai's E14, but has much less incentive to embrace them after coming to terms with Bajnai. Substantial divergences between the two sides – Gyurcsány would cancel the vote for transborder Hungarians while MSZP and E14 would not; the Socialists want to abolish tuition fees which Gyurcsány wants to retain; finally, MSZP and E14 both stand for a progressive income tax. But over and above such policy differences is the perception among MSZP leaders that Gyurcsány is deeply unpopular. The former prime minister is now relegated to the status of one of the very minor partners, and Panyi thinks MSZP is unlikely to offer him more than one or two districts.
Szabolcs Panyi,