Balázs Böcskei: Bajnai is responsible for everything

Liberal authors - Bálint Magyar, Zoltán Ádám - accused recently Gordon Bajnai, leader of E14-PM of abandoning liberal principles and capitalism. The critics – former Free Democrats – cannot see, that the political reality is "a Hungary of workfare and unemployment" where the lofty principles of free market liberalism are hard to grasp and even harder to like. The Socialists have proved unable to increase their constituency (from 11 to 15 per cent of the total electorate) and are mostly concerned with keeping Bajnai at bay, so the leader of E14-PM has no choice but to reach out to disappointed voters on the left. What Gordon Bajnai lacks is not principles but a political sense and presence. The Free Democrat version of capitalism has no political support in Hungary, and the little it has can go to those Socialists who have allied themselves with a liberal splinter group of former Free Democrats, following the tradition of former Socialist-Free Democrat coalitions. Bajnai's alliance with a new type of left – a green and anti-globalist splinter group of the LMP – is an advantage, not a liability.

Magyar Narancs, Balázs Böcskei