János Dési: back to Europe!

The Orbán regime and Hungary are getting further from the European norms. The checks and balances are gone. The right to private property is not untouchable any more. The power can expropriate as recent years' examples show it. The private pension funds got nationalized, the building societies are being taken over by the state. Summarize, the legal certainty becomes a memory. Just like stability, solidarity, independent courts and separation of church and state. Meanwhile, legislation is more and more personalized.

A tiny minority has huge estates, while the rest is rewarded with poverty and defencelessness. It is like Latin America couple of decades ago.

The other is the silly fight against the European Union. The money and the access to EU funds are desperately needed, otherwise it is not their business what is happening in Hungary..

Democratic opposition's main claim should be 'Back to Europe'. There is no other viable road for Hungary than integrating to (Western) Europe.

It has to be admitted Rákóczi boulevard (once a glittering high street in the center of Budapest which has been slammed for decades) is still far from Vienna's Kartner Strasse, even though many hoped quick progress at the transition.

If nothing changes we have to learn streets of Tirana as the country is heading to that direction.

Back to Europe! Where the different political powers respect each other. At least on a minimum standard. Where nobody wants to transform the legal so radically as Orbán administration has done it since 2010.

Back to Europe! Ceterum censeo: Orbán has to leave!

János Dési is deputy editor in chief of Népszava; source: Népszava