Bajnai and Transylvania: leaving the comfort-zone

The media, especially on the right, was put off by Bajnai's strategy not to seek heavyweight media coverage. Bajnai met a mixed crowd, listening to everyone and not asking for votes. His intentions might be better described as a cautious first attempt to look for potential allies, by seeking out future voters among minority Hungarians who are not politically committed. While Fidesz has a strong presence in Transylvania, they are unable to gather Hungarian votes around Bishop László Tőkés, their favoured minority politician. MSZP, on the other hand, made a hard-to-forget blunder when Socialist MP Tibor Szanyi called a group of Transylvanian Hungarians Romanians. Bajnai offered a different style by "leaving his comfort zone", as attested by the sudden appearance of the young protesters, people close to the most right-radical Hungarian group in Transylvania.

Source:, Transindex