The Secret Diaires of Viktor Orbán

Friday 15 June 2013

Today Foreign Minister Martonyi had a meeting with the Venice Commission to discuss their findings on our fourth amendement to the constitution. The Venice Commission had expressed their opinion that Hungarian democracy is sliding backwards. We needed a strategy for the meeting.

We decided to claim that much of the misunderstanding was due to poor translation of the document. When we said that the constitutional court may not refer to previous decisions, we actually meant to say that the constitutional court may look into previous decisions.

And when we said that my wife's friend, head of the judiciary, has the right to move any case to any court in the country, to ensure that we get the right judge, we meant that she does not have the right to do such a thing.

Monday 17 June 2013

Damn, we had to announce yet more increases in tax. We are not going to meet our budget deficit target of 3% this year, due to drop in the number of bank transactions as a result of our bank transaction tax. People are using their credit cards more to avoid the transaction tax. So we have increased the tax.

Tuesday 18 June 2013

Today's character assassination candidate was Viviane Reding, E.U. Commissioner for Justice. Reding has been an avid critic of Fidesz. Pay back time.

One of the government controlled papers, Magyar Nemzet - "The Hungarian Nation" - published an article claiming that Reding had been overheard telling a meeting of liberals and commies in England that if Fidesz wins next years elections, she will publicly doubt the validity of the elections. The paper claimed that she has been put up to this task by Gyurcsány and Bajnai and that they are all being sponsored by US based multi nationals.

We have acted in indignation to this report and demanded her resignation. That should teach her, or anyone else who dares to criticise Fidesz.

Wednesday 19 June 2013

Damn the E.U. have refused to sack Reding, and to even investigate our allegations, calling them stupid and childish! How dare they?

Gyula Horn, Prime Minister of Hungary from 1994 to 1998 died today. He is remembered as the man who broke the iron curtain, since as foreign minister, in 1989, he opened the border between Hungary and Austria, allowing thousands of East Germans to escape from the communist block. According to many historians, this was the start of the end of communism in Central and Eastern Europe.

Naturally Fidesz has never given much credit to this great man – he was our political opponent, so we felt it was fair game to falsely accuse him and his government of corruption, and to make (false) allegations about his role in fighting his own countrymen during the uprising of 1956. Still, we don't mention that now.

Thursday 20 June 2013

Time to throw more dirt at Bajnai. According to an article in right wing weekly, Heti Válasz claimed that Bajnai's businesses pay tax in Austria, not Hungary.

So our spokesmen, Róbert Zsigó went out and told the press that Bajnai and his family are dodging taxes, costing the Hungarian State Billions.

Not true of course, but we usually find that when we make claims of corruption against our opponents, the Hungarian electorate usually believe them. When the courts make us apologise, like they have done many times before when Bajnai has sued us for libel, the public are simply not informed. We control the media after all.

Thursday 27 June 2013

My friend and founding member of Fidesz Zsolt Bayer called me today. He was upset about losing a libel case. Klubrádió had claimed that some comments he made in a newspaper article were anti Semitic. Zsolt sued them for libel. The court ruled against Zsolt, on the basis that when he said it was a shame that the massacre of the Jews in the forest of Orgovány in 1920 had not been completed, that was actually anti Semitic.

Our political opponents will not doubt demand that Zsolt is expelled from Fidesz, but that is not going to happen. Loyalty is our number one rule in Fidesz.

Friday 28 June 2013

I was in Brussels today for a meeting of E.U. Prime Ministers. Afterwards, I told the press that I looked around the table, and there was not one Prime Minister whose country was successful economically, except for Hungary. Not quite true really – in fact one could call that a blatant lie. But Gyurcsány admitted in 2006 that he had lied about the state of the economy to win the election. Why shouldn't I do the same?

FreeHungary; June 30. 2013.