Bolshevik on the dikes

Prime minister Viktor Orbán's leadership of the flood defence effort, which has been heavily covered in all media, characterizes as sheer propaganda. In modern "mass democracies" leaders are expected to show up along river banks in times of floods, but the prime minister should basically follow the events from his office, mobilizing resources, overseeing the emergency plan and coordinating efforts. 'Parading along the dams' does not help the rescue effort, and takes up valuable time from the people involved in bolstering the dikes. What is more: the image Orbán tries to project is that of a leader who single-handedly saves the country by issuing orders directly from the site, a strategy that reminds of a Bolshevik leadership-cult. The Prime Minister can be described with three Latin words: "omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent" and "omnia vincit amor" (love conquers all). The people conquer all.

Sándor Révész, Népszabadság, June 11, 2013.