The Secret Diaries of Viktor Orbán

Thursday 6th June 2013

A Polish journalist, Igor Janke, has written a book about me, called "Come on Hungarians! Orbán through Polish eyes". The book was written in Polish, but today was the launch of the Hungarian version of the book, which I was delighted to attend.

Mr Janke told the book launch that I am "a kind and intelligent man, who is an exceptional political personality!" He is obviously a very perceptive man.

I think that I will call the minister for schools Rózsa Hoffman, and suggest that this excellent work if scholarship is put onto the syllabus for all school children next year.

Friday 7th June

I started the day in Tatabánya, where I opened the new extension to the Bridgestone tyre factory. That will create 500 new jobs! It will only take 1,999 other companies to build similar extensions to their factories, and we will have achieved our goal of increasing jobs by 1 million.

Then I popped into Győr, to oversee the building of barriers to try to stop the rising Danube causing the chaos that we have seen in Germany.

I still keep in touch with the office of course. I was delighted to hear that our talks with the Belarusians on Wednesday and Thursday went well. We are working together on joint tourist products. I think I may ask President Alexander Yukoshenko if he would head the Fidesz strategy team during the election next year, to make sure we get a victory.

Saturday 8th June 2013

Today is a day of which Hungarians should be proud. Thousands of Hungarians working voluntarily to fill sand bags, and build barriers along the Danube to stop the potential floods, as water levels on the Danube are rising to levels never seen before.

There was another Hungarian victory today in Great Britain. A group called "Shadow Dance" won "Britain's got talent competition." But I do not wish to make too much of a big deal about a Hungarian group that found success abroad; that might reinforce the general opinion that there are better opportunities for young Hungarians outside of Hungary.

Sunday 9th June 2013

Today we were expecting the water levels on the Danube to peak in Budapest. I was praying that they would not rise above 9 metres, otherwise the water would run over our sand bags, and flood Római Part, a staunch Fidesz area north west of the city. The potential loss of votes could have been catastrophic.

Fortunately the waters peaked at around 8.30 in the evening, and did not rise above the barriers.

Monday 10th June 2013

Another amendment to the 2013 was published today for Parliament to consider. It's the fourth this year. No one can say that the government does not take budgeting seriously! But seriously, the changes to this were necessary to ensure that Hungary stays out of the E.U.'s excessive deficit procedure.

FreeHungary; June 12. 2013.