The secret diaries of Viktor Orbán

Friday 19 April 2013

Today my weekly interview with Kossuth radio was aired. Naturally I was asked about the EU and their objections to our new electoral law. As I told the show, there are three objections that the EU has raised. One is the restriction on party advertising. Under the most recent electoral law (the twentieth since we came to power in 2010), political parties may only advertise on state media. Since we control state media, we effectively control all media advertising. The E.U. position is that as far as Hungarian parliamentary elections are concerned, this does not violate E.U. laws as it is beyond the powers of the E.U. But as far as elections for the European parliament are concerned, the E.U. can and will make us change this.

No problem. We are happy to change the law so that it does not apply to E.U. parliamentary elections. Who cares about the E.U. Parliament anyway? But I am happy to say that Hungarian sovereignty wins when it comes to our parliamentary elections, and can assure the people of Hungary that political advertising from the opposition parties will not interrupt their TV viewing.

Wednesday 24 April 2013

Today the Institute of History of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences published the list of persons who are connected with dictatorships of the twentieth century; No streets in our country may be named after anybody who appears on the list.

I was mightily relieved to note that my own name had not been included in the list!!

Friday 26 April 2013

Bad news! It seems that we may face a united opposition at the next election after all. The socialist party and the together 2014 announced today that they would work together at the next election, and field joint candidates in all electoral districts. This is worrying – while Fidesz is still the most popular party, the opposition have narrowed the gap by uniting so are probably only 1 or 2 per cent behind us now. And with 45% of the electorate undecided, anything could happen.

Already one of our spokesmen Máté Kocsis has invented a new phrase, "The Mafia Left." Hopefully that will put the electorate off voting for the opposition, and they can vote for the Orbán Simicska mafia instead.

Useful guy this Máté Kocsis. He cut his political teeth working for the far right Miep party, which sadly is no more!

Monday 29 April 2013

The press and the opposition are up in arms about our latest move to reward the party cadres. We have passed a new law on the sale of tobacco. Under the law, tobacco can only be sold at a limited number of outlets. People wishing to sell tobacco have to apply for one of the licenses. And naturally the licenses are only granted to those applicants with connections to the party.

Our party spokesman Máté Kocsis issued a statement saying that clearly the multinational corporation lobby, the tobacco lobby and the left wing parties are behind the totally unreasonable and hysterical reactions against this small act of cronyism.

FreeHungary; May 1. 2013.