About Gordon Bajnai

I would like Bajnai Gordon to become the next prime minister with Ferenc Gyurcsány as head of communications. He could always explain what Bajnai's governance is about. It does not matter from which position he would do that.

Bajnai stepped on the wrong stage last October as I see it at the moment. (Bajnai re-entered politics again last October. He introduced his political association in front of a mass event organised by Milla and Szolidaritás. Both of them civic based movements.) I have already known Bajnai's views regarding democracy. It is a far cry from Milla's. (What is Milla anyway? They have only two relatively well-known public characters.)

The other main issue is the relationship between Bajnai and Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP). It has been obvious since the beginning that Bajnai has to be on the defensive with MSZP as they try to gain the main role in the opposition. MSZP keeps making a bid for negotiations, which are a bit early for Bajnai at the moment. Otherwise, MSZP has active politicians, which Bajnai's movement is lacking. The people behind Bajnai are not visible at all. Mr Szigetvári is an exception, but he is better known as a campaign leader than as a real politician. This communication suggests that the members would like to remain in the shadows. It is either Bajnai giving reports, or a communique is released by the movement as a reaction to Fidesz's different arrangements.

The organizational development is the other blurry spot. We hardly even know the crucial issues that are going on. It is highly crucial since the position in the negotiations with MSZP is seriously weakened without a countrywide network based on strong local bodies.

Ferenc Gyurcsány is also a main issue. Bajnai's communication is still following an ambiguous policy regarding Gyurcsány, even though, he must have known that he will need to adopt a policy towards all main political players. The source of personal credibility is transparent behaviour and power as well. I would say definite and straightforward answers instead of power. These two will form power, actually. This type of credibility is desperately needed in every political issue, from establishing alliances to transforming the taxation. Definite answers and open communication are a big plus for winning the game. I would like to ask Gordon Bajnai to adopt this strategy. It is not too late at all.

Zsófia Mihancsik, galamus.hu; April 22. 2013.