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The secret diaries of Viktor Orbán

Thurdsay 11 April 2013

The war of words with Western Europe continues. Tibor is fighting on our behalf. He has written articles, or made statements to various Western European newspapers in which he ridicules those who criticise our government.

EU commissioner Viviane Reding has been particularly critical of our government since we came to power. Tibor is claiming that Reding, a conservative, is criticising Hungary to gain favour with the liberals and lefties in Brussels, so that next year she can make a bid to take over Barosso's job as president of the commission.

I used to worry about Tibor. He seemed to be far too nice. But I can see he has learned well the Fidesz method of dealing with criticism. Don't argue the facts, you will lose; Keep repeating your arguments even when they have been proved wrong. Lie if necessary. And launch vicious personal attacks on the critic, always accusing them of having some other agenda!

Friday 12 April 2013

I was saddened to hear of the death of Annamaria Szalai, head of the media authority. She will be remembered for her brave fight against Klubrádio, which ultimately failed.

Her death also highlights a weakness in my strategy. Using the 2/3 majority, we have stuffed all the committees that act as checks and balances on the power of the parliament with Fidesz loyalists, and appointed them for nine or ten year terms. So even if we lose the next election, we will still have a huge influence on public life. But what if our loyalists die? Mm. Better start doing health checks on them.

I received an angry letter from Jose Manuel Barroso telling me that he has serious concerns over whether our fourth amendment to the constitution complies with democratic norms. I received an almost identical letter last year. So I got my secretary to photocopy my response to that letter, and sent it again. "Nobody could be more committed to democracy than the Hungarian government, etc. etc. " It worked last year, let's hope it works again.

Saturday 13 April 2013

There are rumours that the European Peoples Party wishes to expel us from their group. That would be a bit of a blow. I'm proud of being the vice president of that group. The EU parliament will also debate Hungary on Wednesday.

I will go to Brussels on Tuesday to address the EPP, but no way am I hanging around for the debate on Wednesday. Thank goodness Margaret Thatcher has died – not just because I am totally opposed to her pro business, pro free market ideals, but also it gives me an excuse to miss the E.U. debate. I will go to her funeral!

Monday 15 April 2013

In Spain today, attending a "Catholics in public life" conference. I'm not actually a catholic, but so what, it goes down well with the voters.

I also used a press conference to defend the government, and attack the E.U. parliament. They are criticising us you see, so we have to attack them. So talking about the European Parliament, I said, "Facts are not important, accusations are met with shouting and ideological fits. They shout with swelling veins on their neck."

I've destroyed all my opponents in Hungary by rubbishing them – time to destroy my enemies abroad.

Tuesday 16 April 2013

Today was the meeting with the European Peoples Party where they are deciding whether to kick Fidesz out. I had a few chats with various leaders before the meeting. I told them that Hungarians are very Eurosceptic, and in spite of my best efforts to persuade them of the benefits of EU membership, any additional criticism of our country from the EU would tip us over the edge.

They seemed to buy this, so for now we are in the club.

Wednesday 17 April 2013

I attended Margaret Thatcher's funeral today. I must say, the Brits do know how to put on a good show. Lots of soldiers in their uniforms; everything timed impeccably.

What I couldn't understand was that Tony Blair and Gordon Brown were there. They were on the opposite side to Margaret Thatcher. I can't imagine me attending Gyurcsány's funeral. They are so hypocritical.

FreeHungary; April 17. 2013.



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