Gréczy-blog: A week in Orbanistan

greczyLet's take a look at the latest developments in the country that is the last dictatorship of the European Union. A man was brutally killed by two policemen and, to add insult to injury, the deceased was reported to the police as well. Needless to say, no one will take the responsibility for this heinous crime, no heads will be rolling. It looks as if the shady dealings with Azerbaijan have paid off, since there will be direct flights from Budapest to Baku. As far as Orbán is concerned, the extradition of the Azeri murderer is a win-win situation. Also, organizations pretending to be defending civil liberties are crying over the fact that a bunch of neo-Nazi thugs will not have the opportunity (the liberty) to protest against the March of Life, which is commemorating the victims of the Holocaust. The slogan under which these "peaceful protesters" wanted to demonstrate is called: "Give Gas!" In other news: Mr Navracsics was verbally attacking Viviane Reding, only to be put back into his place by Mr Barroso. But to no avail: The constitution will be amended for a record fifth time. Fidesz came close to being expelled from the European People's Party, for its continual disregard for the European values. Júlia Király,who was the vice president of the Hungarian National Bank, resigned. She probably knows that the currency reserve of the bank will have the same fate as the private pension funds. On a lighter note: former PM Ferenc Gyurcsány suffered for the umpteenth time the indignity of having himself shot into the Danube, Mr Lázár doesn't like comments which are not respectful to him, so he reported the case to the police. The machinery of intimidation is dashing forward relentlessly. There seems to be nothing new under the sun.