The Secret Diaries of Viktor Orbán

Thursday 4 April 2013

Today the new governor of the Hungarian Central bank made an important announcement. We (oops, I mean the governor of the Central Bank, a body that remains independent of the government) have decided to use HUF 500 billion of the central banks reserves to lend to small and medium sized enterprises.

The bank held a special meeting of the monetary council this morning to vote on the proposal. The members of the council were given 40 minutes to read a 30-page report before voting on it. Most of the members of the council are Fidesz appointees, and agreed that it was not necessary to read the report before voting. One member of the council, Júlia Király abstained claiming that she was not given sufficient time to read the report. But she is not a party member!

The clown has done a really good job since he took over at the Central Bank, getting rid of those who are not party members, and making appointments from within the ranks. I'm particularly pleased with the appointment of 32 year old Adam Balog to the position of deputy governor of the bank. He may not know much about banking, but he is a great party loyalist.

The Hungarian Central Bank remains truly independent of the government.

Saturday 6th April 2013

We are under attack on all fronts. The European Commission, in particular Viviane Reding the European Commissioner in charge of justice, who today attacked our judicial system and our new constitution in an interview with the commie newspaper Népszava. The European Parliament, whose committee on Civil Liberties will discuss our latest constitutional amendment on Monday. Even our allies, the European Peoples Party are joining in. The UN are criticising our treatment of the homeless; the Americans, the Helsinki Commission, the list goes on and on.

So we are going on a charm offensive. Key party cadres will write to our critics and tell them the truth. They don't understand Hungary. We are different. Their criticism is not based on fact. It's a communist conspiracy hatched by Gyurcsány to discredit our government. We are really nice reasonable people, honestly.

Monday 7 April 2013

Today we passed our election law (well another amendment to it!). We've scrapped voter registration for all domestic residents. Foreign residents will still have to register. We've also put limits on political advertising. Political parties may only advertise on State Run (i.e. Fidesz run) television and radio channels, and they are not allowed to criticize the government on any such adverts – otherwise they will be found guilty under the fourth amendment of defaming the nation!

Fidesz will continue to advertise itself, disguising its party political adverts as "Government Information." Not only do we get more publicity, the taxpayer pays for it.

On another note, I have decided to change my tactic regarding anti Semitism. Previously, in an attempt to win supporters away from Jobbik I have always remained silent, letting people like Tibor criticise any anti Semitic comments. But it seems this tactic is not working. Apparently most Jobbik voters think I am a gypsy, and would never vote for me. So I've decided to speak out against anti Semitism at last. Who knows, there may be a few votes in it.

On April 21, which is holocaust memorial day, there is a "March of the living". Some fascist motorcycle group called "more gas" had decided to have a march on the same day, clearly to cause trouble. So today I told Sandor Pinter that the motorcycle group march must be banned, as must any other march that threatens the "March of the living!"

And who knows, I may even get some credit from our foreign critics!

Freehungary; April 10. 2013.