Elections 2014: An Orbanised Crime

Fidesz is acting as a petty pick-pocket, who, having been caught in the act is pretending that it is his victim who is the actual robber. And while the venom of the people is directed at the innocent victim, the thief is walking away with the wallet. In 2014, we can be the witnesses of a farcical election. The restriction of international observers, the complete redrawing of the constituencies, the presence of Fidesz cronies as elections observers in the election committees, the restriction of the use of the media for the opposition parties and the revolting populism that centres around the reducing of household costs show how far the government is prepared to go to make this election a joke in poor taste. This is the party that keeps illegal personal data of the citizens, and this is the party that, using these data, will intimidate and punish those, who are not "trustworthy voters". And now they are screaming foul play because Gordon Bajnai's data collecting was revealed. It is again, the victim who will be left dumbfounded, while the robber, instead of having his mug shot paraded in the rogues' gallery, will walk away, smirking.

János Dési; Népszava; March 25. 2013.