Orbán's personal gangsters

Since the fall of 2006, we should not have any particular doubts about what Fidesz is capable of. With whom they are willing to ally when power is at stake. Hardworking gangsters can fit in well with soccer hooligans who make up the core audience. Politically, this team that deceitfully call themselves right-wing conservatives, will enter into temporary alliance without hesitation with members of the extreme right, undeserving of any respect.

What happened at the Fidesz headquarters - when a brutal murderer, an underworld figure "took the initiative" of protecting the headquarters against twenty-something university students, largely skinny girls – gives probably a new perspective on the concept.

Afterall, since the mining industry has unfortunately been practically eliminated in Hungary, the miners could not be unleashed on the protesters. (In addition, unlike their Romanian colleagues, the Hungarians would probably not have let themselves be messed with.) So the ones who remained were poor retiree volunteers who enthusiastically made fools of themselves, and - for the sake of simplicity, let us call them so - the soccer hooligans.

It would surely look different if they take on the task of beating up the protesters, instead of trying to push this on the police. The police would then readily retire to make room for the team of Kubatov-volunteers. Then, if the problem gets out of hand, the authorities can say that they are very sorry, but it had nothing to do with them. Unfortunately, things spinned out of hand, that is how people are - if the dear leader is in danger, they will go and take noble revenge.

A well-trained press is needed then, to use its routine in covering up the facts. For instance, the daily Magyar Nemzet gives an account of a lecture that Orban gave in Warsaw, on the dear leader's reply to the question of what it takes to win: among others, it takes a well-trained, hand-fed press, held on short leash. He used different words, but that was the message.

From now on, he will say who is the terrorist and who is the freedom fighter.

It is the same story – only in street fighter style - as when the forty-seventh amendment to the new Constitution (carved into granite obviously) was submitted, and all they had to say was that it was nothing more than a simple individual motion of an MP.

Dishonest, pathetic, cowardly.

The Fidesz takes another great leap towards turning Hungary into a Weimar style republic. And it should only fill us with great concern that the SA was also butchered by their own comrades.

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János Dési; Népszava; March 11. 2013.