Gréczy-blog: The Plight of the Poor

According to a recent poll, the number of rich people in Hungary has decreased from 9% to 8%, the number of people who managed to climb up the social ladder into the upper middle class has increased to 27% and members of the middle class stagnated at 30% after a fall of 4%. The number of people making up the lower middle class has decreased to 21%, while the number of the poor people has increased from 9% to 14% between 2000 and 2012. This is a comparison of the social policies of Viktor Orbán and Ferenc Gyurcsány. And, we find that, under the premiership of Mr Gyurcsány, the difference between the salaries of the richest and the poorest 10% of the population was steadily decreasing. Who represented the interest of the people better? Of course, there is the omnipresent excuse of the budgetary deficit. But, back in the days of Mr Gyurcsány, we had some industry and construction works going on as well. Now the debt has reached an unspeakable level, which even the stealing of the pensioners' money could not impede. And we are much worse off than four years ago.