Matolcsy, the engine

I picture the moment when, finally, the prime minister decides who should be the next leader of the National Bank of Hungary (MNB). There are so many names to choose from: Godon Bajnai, Péter Oszkó, Csaba László, Tibor Draskovics, György Matolcsy, János Veres. It is not easy to weigh the pros and cons against these men, but finally, and unsurprisingly, the PM decides on György Matolcsy. From now on, he shall be the overlord of Freedom Square. The prime minister interfered with the autonomy of the bank, when he stipulated that the leader should have governmental experiences. Of course, the bank remains independent, says Mr. Orbán, but these qualities are essential. Therefore, the PM's choice is quite evident. The former minister for economic affairs has the required monetary experience. One of his challengers could have been Sándor Pintér, the minister for interior affairs. He also has governmental experience; alas he is not a representative in the Parliament. (Although being a representative is not a condition for the MNB, it certainly is if you want to be a constitutional judge). In the world of the prime minister, the leader of the MNB should follow his explicit instructions. Therefore, the leader only proposes such steps, which the prime minister wants to hear. In the person of Mr Matolcsy, the PM has just about found the right person. These two people perfectly complement each other. The fear about the autonomy of the bank is wholly unfounded, since the bank, independently from the government, will implement the same measures as the administration. Forget about Audi and the other economic measures which were to have revived the sluggish economy, the new economic centre of Hungary is called Freedom Square, its engine György Matolcsy. According to the PM, the country is performing better, now the MNB should follow suit. And who better to put our trust in, than the repository of our great success?

Levente Tóth; Népszabadság; March 2. 2013.