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The secret diaries of Viktor Orbán

Friday 1 March 2013

Today I finally announced that I have appointed Matolcsy to head the National Bank of Hungary, subject of course to approval by the parliament. (Not that there is any chance that parliament would not approve anything I propose.) So at last I will have a puppet in the central bank. One that might let me spend those foreign currency reserves in the election year! One that will cut interest rates to get the GDP moving up again in time for the election! Who cares about inflation?

I had expected the forint to drop on news of the announcement but it didn't. Someone told me that the market was already expecting the news, so the current exchange rate already reflects it. I am surprised about this because I announced two weeks ago that there would be no cabinet reshuffles. Don't they believe anything I say?

Mr Matolcsy has already come up with some brilliant proposals. One is to convert the foreign currency reserves (the ones that we don't spend of course) into Russian rubles. He believes that the dollar will decline now that it has been proved that western style capitalism doesn't work. Russian style capitalism is the model of the future: a small group controlling all the organs of the state, including the media, and controlling and owning the nation's wealth. Reminds me of another country that I know and love!

Sunday 4 March 2013

The football season continues in Hungary! Vidi beat the Budapest Honved side 4-0, hurrah! Pleased that the taxpayers'money is yielding such good results. Watch out Man United, here we come.

Wednesday 6 March 2013

I was saddened to hear of the passing away of Hugo Chavez, the charismatic president of Venezuela. He did so many things for Venezuela that I would like to do for Hungary. He nationalized the country's oil assets, taking them out of the hands of foreigners. He may have been a socialist, but I feel like we have a lot in common.

FreeHungary; March 6. 2013.



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