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Secret diaries of Viktor Orbán

14 Feb 2013

The GDP figures for 2012 were released today. Our GDP fell by 2.7% last year. Oops!

On the positive side, it will be easier to achieve growth in 2013, as we are starting from a lower base.

15 Feb 2013

My weekly interview at Kossuth radio. I told the listeners about the very successful auction of public debt. I said that this ended four debates. The first is whether Hungary needs an IMF loan. We don't! The second is whether investors have confidence in Hungary. They do! The third debate is whether our policies are leading to uncertainty. As the successful issue of the government debt shows, investors do not fear uncertainty. The fourth debate is whether we deserve the junk status that we have been given by the three major debt agencies. We don't!

As far as the slight fall in GDP is concerned, I told the listeners that this is due to the European crisis. Let's hope that they are not smart enough to realize that the other central European members of the EU are all experiencing an increase in their GDP!

Monday 18 Feb 2013

A new poll published today shows a rather mixed picture. Our support has fallen by 1% to 18%, while that of far right Jobbik has grown by 2% to 8%. I'm surprised by this, particularly after the recent newspaper article by Fidesz member Zsolt Bayer in which he called stated that gypsies are animals and we Hungarians should not have to live among them. I had hoped that this article would have reassured the voters that we really are just a bigoted party, and therefore attracted some voters back to Fidesz from Jobbik. I don't know what we have to do to win these fascists back.

The good news is that support for our biggest rival, the Hungarian socialist party has fallen by 3% to 13%. The number of Hungarians who will not support any party is now 55% of the electorate.

We have now changed the constitution so that successor parties of the communist party can still be held liable for the actions of the communists. This clearly includes the Hungarian socialist party. So we still have 14 months before the election in which to blacken the name of our opponents. Perhaps we should arrest Attila Mesterházy (leader of MszP) for supporting those who crushed the 1956 uprising. We can also limit political advertising on media other than state run television. So I think the next election will still be ours!

FreeHungary; February 20. 2013.



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