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The Secret Diaries of Orbán Viktor

7 February 2013 Brussels

Back in Brussels for the E.U. budget negotiations. Britain and Germany are pushing for a cut in the budget. If that happens, Hungary may lose some of the subsidies that keep our economy afloat.

We had a tense meeting that went on through the night.

8 February 2013 Brussels

As I feared, our allocated cohesion funds have been cut by 5 billion Euros for the period between 2014 to 2020. How am I going to sell that to the Hungarian public? That I actually managed to negotiate less than the man who ruined our country!

9 February 2013 Budapest

Had a great meeting with the spin-doctors today. These guys are smart. Although the EU subsidies that we will receive have fallen in Euro terms, because of the fall in the exchange rate, they have actually increased in forint terms. And because of the fall in GDP, they have actually risen as a percentage of GDP.

So when I make my speech to Parliament on Monday, I will say that our subsidies per head have risen from HUF 660,000 per head during the period from 2007 to 2013, to HUF 712,000 per person for the period from 2014 to 2020.

11 February 2013 Budapest

Today was the opening of Parliament after the Christmas vacation. As prime minister, I had to make a speech to parliament. I focussed on my "successes" in Brussels.

The head of the socialists Attila Mesterházy did see through my financial alchemy, but I retorted that my success in Brussels is Hungary's success, and we should be above party politics on this one.

The hunger marchers arrived at Parliament today. They had marched from 11 different counties to raise the profile of the plight of many Hungarians today. My spokesman simply called them fraudsters, and said that the march was politically motivated.

The students are also having a sit in today, protesting against our plans to make students who receive state funding stay in Hungary after university or repay their funding. We called them hooligans.

Finally the heads of the police forces during the riots of 2006 were formally charged today with various trumped up charges. Their real crime was that they worked under the government of Gyurcsány. When we came to power, we politically cleansed the civil service and police force of all such people.

So a busy day for the leader of the party of national unity!

12 February 2013

I visited the Opel factory in Szentgotthárd today. They announced that they are expanding the factory, which will create 160 new jobs!

I also noticed on the way home that a small restaurant near my house has expanded, with the creation of two more jobs. The economic miracle has started!

Source: Freehungary; February 13. 2013.



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