Bajnai is still fighting with Mesterházy, not Orbán

Last week, when the former prime minister held his state- of- the nation speech, everything seemed to be perfect. The speech was good and Mr. Bajnai seemed to have found his rhetorical skills. However, the „Együtt 2014" movement is in deep trouble. Its popularity has been plummeting since last October, it is, seemingly, not able to address the main issues which are important to the voters. Mr.Bajnai also has got his fair share in the bad fortunes of his movement. He should have made clear his intentions for the prime ministerial office right away. Without this statement, people can't really make anything out of this triple alliance. His policy of uniting the opposition has failed spectacularly. Instead of bringing the parties closer, Mr. Bajnai further fragmented them. As well as that, the former PM, unwittingly or not, contributed to the dissolution of LMP, thus further reducing the chances of a regime change in 2014. He was also surprised by the solid performance of the leader of the MSZP, Attila Mesterházy. Mr. Mesterházy, who was written off as a dour and boring politician, managed to boost his chances by making his party the biggest and the most united on the political left. Also, Mr. Mesterházy now seems to have turned the tables on Mr. Bajnai by taking the initiative and forcing him into an alliance. Nevertheless, Mr Bajnai's speech on Saturday was a good performance, a prime ministerial, if you like, with lots of references to hope, and the wrongdoings of the prime minister. But he needs to step out of the shadow of petty arguments that is happening between the opposition parties, and most importantly he has to fight Mr Orbán and not Mr. Mesterházy. It seems that the tactic of Mr Bajnai is one, which is usually not too successful: trying to win over all the votes from his own side and, at the same time, running the risk of being pushed from the middle. He can talk about his feelings about Hungary, about how he would not let the past catch up with the present, as long as he is sharing a platform with Gábor Kuncze and his ilk, he is just proving that he doesn't understand the concerns of the people.

Source: Véleményvezér