Gréczy-blog: Gyurcsány Once Again Surpasses Orbán

greczyThe head of the 'junk government' is communicating with full force how much money he managed to get for Hungary as a result of recent EU financial negotiations. However, the amount that he "achieved" is in fact a failure. All the analogies and comparisons as to how great a train should be to contain that sum of money are in vain. The truth is: Ferenc Gyurcsány once again surpasses Orbán.

Hungary will receive much less money after 2014 than the amount that former premier Ferenc Gyurcsány successfully lobbied for his country in 2005 – gaining an additional EUR 1 billion at the last moment. Orbán is lying as he always does. The reason he communicates the result in HUF is that because of the weak Forint the lower amount in EUR seems to be more in HUF. On the other hand, he emphasizes the per capita amount because Hungary's population is decreasing and so thus it results in a more favorable per capita figure. Even so, the essence is unchanged: Hungary received much less than what Gyurcsány had achieved back then. What is really funny is Orbán's allegation that the greatest result of the negotiations is the 15 percent minimal retention rate, which was already 15% in the past seven years as well. All Orbán achieved is that nothing has changed in this respect.

The retention rate did not improve, whereas the amount decreased. Gyurcsány also surpasses Orbán if one looks at the proportion Hungary received from the pie. Everything else is pure sand and babble.