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The Secret Diaries of Viktor Orbán

30 January 2013 Brussels

I started the day by giving a lecture to the Bruegel Institute, a think tank specialising in economics. No doubt they were very keen to hear about our new brand of economics in Hungary, where we have dismissed the old established economic wisdom and have had the guts to question and depart from the free market.

Unfortunately during the discussion that followed, I let slip the fact that the IMF actually turned down our application for a standby loan. We have always told the public that we were the ones who told the IMF where to go, when in fact it was the other way around. Anyway, I'm sure the Hungarian news agencies will not dare to report that.

Later I met Jose Manuel Barroso head of the European Commission. I am hoping that they will release Hungary from the excessive deficit procedure now that out budget deficit is below 3%. Barroso would give me no definite answer to this, muttering something about our fiscal position being unsustainable in the longer run.

31 January 2013 Moscow

I remember making a speech last year in which I said that Hungary would not be dictated to by Moscow or Brussels! And here I am visiting both places in consecutive days.

I've never really liked the Russians, and can't say that I was delighted to be coming to Moscow. Sadly now that our relations with the West have deteriorated, we have to seek friends elsewhere. And they will supply us with Gas too!

My 15-minute meeting with Mr Putin was forced smiles and polite comments on both sides. Putin made a comment about us naming a street after Lev Tolstoy, which I guess is his way of telling me that he is aware that Moscow Square is no longer called Moscow Square. I made some sycophantic comments about how Russia is a great country.

I was hoping that Mr Putin would give me some hints on how to make sure that I win the next election. I understand that the results of the last Russian Presidential election had been decided before the first vote had been cast. If only I had that power!

1 Feb 2013

Back in Budapest, thank God! I made a joke on my weekly Radio show about the fact that I had been to Moscow, and had managed to come back alive, which I'm sure the listeners found amusing.

4 Feb 2013

Another anti Gyurcsány Bajnai campaign! Once again a "private organisation" has initiated another poster campaign with pictures of the two previous prime ministers of Hungary, reminding the people that they ruined the country. So the election campaign is going full swing now.

6 Feb 2013

I've been grooming Matolcsy to take over as next governor of the Central Bank in March. He will be much more compliant than the existing governor. No announcement has been made, but Matolcsy has been touring the major financial centres of the world where he has been promising "should I become the next head of the central bank, I would not liquidate its reserves."

We decided to test market reaction, so yesterday we leaked the fact that I had indeed decided that Matolcsy is the man. Sadly as soon as this happened, the forint dropped like a stone on the financial markets, so we had to issue a statement denying the rumours. Looks like Matolcsy needs to do some more charm offensives.

I received a challenge from Bajnai this afternnon for a TV debate. No fucking way! The last thing I want to do is to talk about policies. We won the last election without giving away anything. I don't want to scupper the next one by agreeing to discuss policy. There is no policy. We just do what we want.

Freehungary; February 6. 2013.



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