Gréczy-blog: LMP: Politics cannot be different

It is not easy to determine who is right in the internal party battle, which is unfolding at the moment. Is it perhaps András Schiffer, the old-new leader, who is determined to keep the party on an independent course, and, thereby, giving Mr. Orbán another chance for a possible 2014 election victory? Or is it Benedek Jávor and his entourage, who are convinced that the only way to get rid of the prime minister and his government is to enter into an alliance with the democratic opposition? To be honest, I don't understand the LMP. They are or were supposed to be a green party, but I haven't seen any green issues coming from the party yet. They are like Werder Bremen of Germany or Betis of Spain: The may wear a green dress, but that does not make them green. Even the fact that they were close to László Sólyom, the admittedly environment conscious former president, does not make them green. In short, I cannot see the point of this party. Mr. Schiffer is saying that LMP was established to give a new alternative to voters who had had enough of the previous governments, including that of Messrs. Gyurcsány and Bajnai, and that he wants to keep the independence of his party. Is this a legitimate argument? Yes, I think it is. In contrast, Mr. Jávor is saying that the conditions have changed, and the most pressing concern is to get rid of the government. But, in order to achieve this goal, the party has to give up its independence and enter into an alliance. Do I think that this argument sounds about just as legitimate as the previous one? Yes, I do. To confuse matters even more, polls show that two-thirds of the LMP sympathizers would gladly vote for the Democratic Coalition as well! If there are any lessons to be learnt from this saga, then the newly established alliance of Együtt2014 (Together2014), led by Gordon Bajnai, should learn it very well. Mr. Bajnai and his foundation cannot deny the past. He cannot deny the fact that he served as a minister in the government of Mr. Gyurcsány. And the crisis management program that he implemented as prime minister could not have been possible without Mr. Gyurcsány. It is of no use to surround himself with small parties and organizations, because it will not change that fact that Messrs. Gyurcsány, Mesterházy and Bajnai will be all needed if the opposition is to win the next election. Let's hope that, come March 15th, the parties of the opposition will understand what is at stake.[]