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The Secret Diaries of Viktor Orbán (The man who has saved Hungary!)

Thursday 24 January 2013

Another battle with the European Union! Now they have initiated infringement proceedings over us relating to the tax on telephone calls that we introduced last year. We charge a tax of HUF 2 per minute, and HUF 2 per SMS message. The EU are saying that this goes against one or other of their bureaucratic rules.

If we have to repay the taxes that we have collected, we are up the creek!

I wish we could threaten the EU with a referendum on membership, like the British government. Problem is, our economy would sink without EU subsidies.

Friday 25 January 2013

I went to the new Mercedes factory in Kecskemét today, where I had the honour of driving the first car off the production line.

Afterwards, I made a speech, in which I said that the Mercedes factory shows two success stories. One is the traditional success story of Mercedes itself. The other is the renewal of the Hungarian economy.

Of course, I did not mention the fact that Mercedes made the decision to build the factory on 2008, while Gyurcsány was Prime Minister.

Sunday 27 January 2013

The opposition parties have been busy today. I was delighted to hear that the LMP has now split in two: half of the party want to join the "get rid of Fidesz at all costs" movement (Together 2014) which has been founded by former PM Gordon Bajnai. The other half, including the leadership, want to remain independent. So the half that wants to join Bajnai left the party. Great news. We need a divided opposition at the election.

The Democratic Coalition also had their conference. They are desperate to join the Together 2014 movement, but it seems that Bajnai does not want them. I guess he feels that Gyrucsány is too unpopular. I was also amused to learn that all of the cars outside the Democratic Coalition conference were wheel clamped today. How funny!

Bajnai is right. Unless the opposition unites at the election, we will probably win again. And the chances of the opposition uniting are looking pretty slim!

Monday 28 January 2013

Today the IMF published their monitoring program of the Hungarian economy. While they did praise us for managing to reduce the government deficit, they criticised us for the way we did it. They said that our ad-hoc measures, such as the bank transactions tax are not sustainable in the short run, and that our unpredictable policy measures have lead to a reduction in private investment, which is now at historic lows.

I'm not going to get upset about this. Everyone knows that the IMF is just the tool of the big multinationals (or at least that is what we tell the Hungarian people). We will not adopt the IMF policies, and will not allow Hungary to become the playground of the multinationals. (Apart from my friends at Mercedes, and those other 40 multinationals with whom we have signed strategic agreements).

FreeHungary; January 30. 2013



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