The key sinners of the Orbán administration

It is not pointless to know who the key sinners are in the Orbán administration. Zoltán Balog (Minister of Human Resources) and Rózsa Hoffmann (Minister of State for Education) have top places on this list. They cause the utmost damages to the country. It is feasible to write a new constitution and to rebuild the system of checks and balances relatively quickly. The fortunes hoarded up in an undue way can be investigated. The Orbán era can be turned into a bad memory with these provisions.

What about the issue of education? The importance of religious studies grows, meanwhile IT education and science decrease. The running of bilingual schools is set back by government actions. Furthermore, the developed system of institutions for children with special needs is being demolished. How can all of these be redeemed? What can we tell to our fellow citizens who will feel the effect of poor education for the rest of their lives?

The action carried out by Zoltán Balog and Rózsa Hoffmann is far more than a mistake. It is a sin. They are just puppets with limited competence.

Ceterum censeo: Orbán has to leave!

János Dési; Népszava; January 21. 2013.