Gréczy-blog: The message from Pusztaszabolcs

greczyDuring the recent Pusztaszabolcs by-election, the Democratic Coalition (DK) was the only party to have its own candidate while all the other contenders ran as independents. With about 45% of the votes, the Fidesz party secured victory, followed by the candidate of the DK, Péter Miklósi, who came up to 24%. The candidate of the socialist party came a close third, while parties such as Jobbik or the LMP did not even participate in the by-election. The lessons that can be drawn from the election are manifold. Firstly, we can say that in a predominantly Fidesz influenced area the candidate of the ruling party could have been beaten, had there been a cooperation between the socialists and the DK. Secondly, all the polls showed that the DK would not be doing well at the election. This proves the unreliability and the bias of different polls and think-tanks. Thirdly, the media has now been saying for a long time that there is no future for the DK with Ferenc Gyurcsány as its leader. Contrary to all claims, the DK did well at the election, and considering the fact that the former PM played a huge part in the campaign, he proved himself to be an asset to the party. This is now the third consecutive success for the party, which was taunted as the party of the pensioners. Although the Democratic Coalition finished second, the example of Pusztaszabolcs says clearly that the only way to get rid of Fidesz is wide-ranging oppositional cooperation.