The secret diaries of Viktor Orbán

Monday 7 January

Had a wonderful evening attending the FIFA Ballon D'or in Zurich. My excuse for going was that one of the biggest prizes of the evening was the Puskás prize for the best goal of 2012, which was awarded to Mirosalv Stoch.

It was great to get away from Hungarian politics for an evening. I'm still depressed about the constitutional court decision to cancel our law requiring voters to register.

Tuesday 8 January

Everyone is getting excited about some comments made by my friend and member of Fidesz, Zsolt Bayer. He wrote an article in the Fidesz newspaper (Magyar Hirlap) in which he said that gypsies are animals, and it is intolerable that we must live among them.

Deputy Prime Minister Tibor Navracsics today condemned Zsolt's remarks, saying that there was no place in a democratic party for a person who holds such discriminatory views. I totally agree with Tibor on this. However, since Fidesz is not a democratic party, I see no reason to expel him.

I have not condemned Zsolt's comments. We have an election next year, and I need to try to win some voters back from Jobbik. I'm not going to do that if I am seen to be too lenient on gipsies.

Wednesday 9 January

I'm furious. I always liked to see Football as a place where I could escape from politics. But today I discovered that even in Football, we have some enemies.

Last year, the Hungarian Football Team played against Israel in a friendly. Some of our fans shouted anti Semitic chants at the Israeli players, and they took offence.

Today FIFA announced that they are punishing the Hungarian Football Team. No fans will be allowed to watch our next match against Romania! I have written a letter to FIFA asking them to reconsider this outrageous decision. We have also issued a story that the fans that made the chants were planted there by enemies of Hungary (i.e. MszP). After all, nobody in Fidesz would ever make a discriminatory remark would they?

Friday 11 January

In Limasol in Cyprus today. President Nicos Anastasiades is standing for re-election, and asked if the European Peoples Party leaders could come and do some campaigning for him, thinly disguised as a party conference. All the big wigs were there, including Barosso and Merkel. I wonder if they will do the same for me in 2014?

During the meeting we discussed the economic crisis. Most of the other leaders seemed to be pro free market, and in favour of the E.U. working closer together. I sometimes wonder if we have joined the wrong group of parties.

I made a speech in which I said that 2012 had been a year of consolidation for Hungary. We will see growth in 2013! The fairy tale continues.

Sunday 13 January

I had to laugh today. Gyurcsány organised a demonstration outside of our party office in Lendvay Street to protest about the fact that we had not expelled Zsolt from the party. He invited all the other left wing parties. It seems that the leaders of MszP and Bajnai could not be bothered to come.

Gyurcsány is definitely the greatest talent that the left wing has. Thankfully, over the years, all of our negative campaigning seems to have worked. Even Bajnai is trying to avoid being seen with Gyurcsány. And the left is still divided in spite of Bajnai's so called "together 2014" movement! We still have a good chance of winning the next election.

FreeHungary; January 16. 2013.