The Secret Diaries of Viktor Orbán

Friday 4 January 2012

Today was one of the worst days of my political life!

Nearly as bad as when we lost the elections in 2002 and again in 2006!

Worse than when I had to crawl back to the IMF last year, and ask them to consider providing a standby loan to Hungary, after I had previously kicked them out of Hungary, telling the electorate that if the IMF came back, I would leave!

Worse than when the President, appointed by Fidesz to rubber stamp our laws had to resign after the plagiarism scandal.

Worse than when the court rejected our high profile attempt to prosecute former PM Ferenc Gyurcsány, on the basis that there was no evidence to support our allegations.

Worse than when I introduced fees for university students in December 2012, and then had to do a u turn days later after a large student strike.

And so on!

Today the constitutional court found that our law introducing compulsory registration for voters was unconstitutional as it impedes voters in exercising their democratic rights. Of course it does, that was the whole point. I've lost two general elections due to floating voters, I didn't want to lose a third. I hoped that by making registration compulsory, the 50% of voters who are totally disenchanted with Hungarian politicians would not bother to register. So then only the 50% of decided voters would register, and as 46% of those (or 23% of the total) would almost certainly support us, we assumed the election was already won.

Now, sadly, we face a rather big possibility that we will lose the election.

Thanks President Áder (rather an appropriate name for a snake) for sending the law to the constitutional court to consider. You betrayed the party that you were a founding member of. We won't forget. (Perhaps we should have an anti-Áder poster campaign.)

I already knew that we did not control the constitutional court.

We could change the constitution... but perhaps that would be counterproductive.

Perhaps I should just give up? Many lesser men than me would see the writing on the wall!

But I am Viktor Orbán. I never take a hint that perhaps I am not wanted any more. I've lost two general elections for my party and still I fight on!

Freehungary; January 6. 2013.