Gyurcsány-blog: The 3rd Blow to Fidesz

The abolition of mandatory preliminary voter registration is the third and greatest blow to Fidesz since 2010. The first blow was that they had to excuse themselves because of a blatant sexist remark by one of their MPs. After that, they retreated from their higher education reform (which foresaw the introduction of high tuition fees), and now, the mandatory preliminary voter registration has been abolished by the Constitutional Court.

We have no reason to keep secret that we, the Democratic Coalition (DK) have been the greatest opponents to the voter registration scheme. We were the only ones who boycotted the rude parliamentary travesty when Fidesz proposed and passed this law. In September 2012, four MPs from my party and I endured a hunger strike on Kossuth Square [the square which encircles the Hungarian Houses of Parliament] in an attempt to protest against the mandatory voter registration scheme. After that, we started to collect signatures across the country so that voters could have a direct say that they were against the unconstitutional measure taken by Fidesz. As a manifestation of our discontent and opposition, we formed a human chain (together with thousands of citizens) around the Houses of Parliament in November.

We took the right decision by opposing this law with full force from the very beginning, and the many people who decided to join us in this effort did so rightly. Now we can say: we won! And this time, that small piece of Hungary's constitutional tradition (which has been violated and desecrated a thousand times by now) has also won. I thank you all who took part in this fight.

Ferenc Gyurcsány's weblog; Facebook/gyurcsanyf; 5 January 2013