Gábor Török blog: Registration until the last breath

(The blog has been written one day before the Court's decision – editor)

If the rumours are true, the Constitutional Court will strike down voter-registration. However we should remember that it was President János Áder who submitted the text for constitutional review, starting the process that ended with the ruling on Friday. It is Áder, if anyone, who CÖF (the organizers of the pro-government Peace Walks) should attack now". (CÖF threatened a few days ago that in case a major demonstration against registration was organized by the left-wing opposition, they would not let demonstrators near the building of Parliament). If Áder had signed the draft into law, it would have been much more difficult for the Court to examine it. The government had to decide how much it had to gain and how much it might lose by dropping the idea of pre-registration or insisting on it and enshrining it into the constitution to make it untouchable by the Constitutional Court. In the latter case, the potential gains would have been to keep many of the undecided away from the polls. On the other hand, such a confrontation with the Constitutional Court would damage their image and open a prolonged battle over basic democratic values before the elections. The government would do better to drop compulsory pre-registration but one may expect the government to hold on to it "until their last breath."